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    I am located in Cambridge Ontario, Canada.

    I am selling my blackberry. The screen is mint, and It is in good shape with 1 small mark on the paint (barely visable!). It is less than 2 months old, and will come with the cord/charger/and head set. It is locked to Bell, but I could get it unlocked if need be. The reason I am selling it is I wanted to try out the blackberry bold.

    I am looking for $350

    Might be interested in doing a partial trade for a nintendo 3ds. Sorry I do not need any other phones. Only the 3ds.

    I also have an unlocked 8820. It too is in good shape and comes with screen protector, case, and charger. Looking for $75 I will dig out the 8820 and take a picture.

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    10-30-11 10:00 AM
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    You may want to reformat your post .
    10-30-11 10:55 AM
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    The Torch is Pending.

    ^did I make a mistake in posting it? I ask because this is my first FS thread on crackberry and I know some sites have different rules :s
    10-30-11 02:24 PM
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    there are guidelines stickied in the market place with proper format.
    10-31-11 09:46 AM
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    Torch is sold. And I will take a look at the stickies to see what I did wrong.

    Thanks guys

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    10-31-11 02:54 PM