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    Item : BlackBerry Curve 8310
    Price : $300
    Currency : CAD
    Condition : 9/10
    Includes :

    2GB Media Card + Adapter
    Extra Battery + Wall/USB charger
    Charging Pod Stand

    The usual stuff that is included are:
    Original Box + documentation/CD
    Belt Swivel Holster
    Pocket Sleeve
    Wall Charger
    Travel Charger Attachments
    Ear Phones (Never Used)
    Operating System is loaded and works great!

    Selling Details
    Location : Greater Vancouver
    Willing to Ship : Yes
    Payment Methods : PayPal, Money Order Cash via Registered Mail
    Contact : PM


    Selling my wife's BlackBerry Curve 8310 (Grey). She no longer needs it anymore, and would like for it to go to someone that needs it. Phone is LOCKED to Rogers, but can be unlocked online or at a mall cell phone kiosk for pretty cheap. Phone is in excellent condition and has NEVER been dropped.

    If you live in the Greater Vancouver Area, you can meet me in North Vancouver or Pitt Meadows.

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    11-15-09 10:43 AM
  2. Jvaf's Avatar
    Why so expensive?
    11-15-09 12:31 PM
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    Average on Craigslist is $250 - $275, and that's without an extra battery, 2GB media card and a charging pod.

    This phone is in great shape and is only a year old.

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    11-15-09 12:34 PM
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    lol, this is crackberry, not craigslist.
    11-15-09 02:15 PM
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    This phone cost me $600 a year ago and now sells for $500 new without a contract. My asking price is very reasonable for what I am offering. I'm selling it for $300 regardless of where I post my ad, if you're not interested in buying it, don't bother replying to my post. If someone is selling exactly what I have for sale for cheaper, I am willing to possibly negotiating.

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    11-15-09 02:26 PM
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    They are just trying to you help you. You wont sell that here for 300 bucks. Who cares what you have for it, that is not what this place is, its for deals. Craiglist in not exactly the barometer for pricing anyway.

    Good Luck
    11-16-09 11:21 AM
  7. DataCentre's Avatar
    Phone has been sold.
    11-16-09 12:48 PM