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    Hey guys i have a new bb storm 9530 by verizon for sale for $200 in box. It just came from the factory so it has all the latest software already on it (5.0). Ill throw in a extra aftermarket wall charger and OEM batt!! ill also throw in a holster but its used. If i find any other storm stuff around ill repost and throw that in too!!
    oh yeah i have the cradle used but in mint condition!!
    actually everything is in mint condition but was used for a brief period - the only thing that is BRAND NEW is the actual phone and the extra charger and battery. I have to check but i think i have 3 batteries. pics coming...
    anyone interested?

    Item Description : new phone / used accessories
    Price : $200
    Rate it : 10/10
    What it comes with : phone and everything it comes with plus extras
    Item location : bethany, ct
    Shipping Details : you pay
    Payment Options : paypal / bank check
    Contact Info : stevevinas77@yahoo.com

    here is the charger:
    it has a light thats blue when charged and purple when charging. it also has a usb plug and folding wall plug.

    i just found these- they are new and comes with a cloth. comes with 2 sceens covers in the 3 pack (gave one away)

    here is the clip holster which is used but included

    here is the cradle:

    here are some pics of the phone - as you can see the plastic covers are still on the phone, front and back:

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    I have quick launch, storm level pro, berry wars and some other apps which i can pre install.
    maybe more to come...
    11-05-09 08:24 PM
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    Is it new or refurbished and would u be intrested In a tour.

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    Paypal sent

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