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    I'm looking to sell my broken 8900. The only issue is that it is password protected with a broken trackball, therefore I can't remove the password. I can't restore to factory setting and didn't see an option for restoring to factory setting in desktop manager. I wiped all data, nut the password is still on it. Anyone would be interested in purchasing it? Will come with 8900 charging dock and without sim card. Willing to negotiate...pin me: 32E095EF

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    05-15-11 03:11 PM
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    please edit your post and post with the marketplace guidelines/template outlined in the Sticky.
    05-15-11 04:49 PM
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    how much???
    05-15-11 09:27 PM
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    1.) buy trackball online for $5
    2.) replace trackball yourself (10 mins)
    3.) remove password from phone
    4.) sell phone, using PROPER b/s/t forum guidelines
    5.) profit
    05-15-11 09:34 PM
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    I want it. Under the assumption that there is a master override of some sort for the PW... like on the iPhone, when you do a complete restore/IOS update.

    **nvm, figured out i can do it with JL_Cmder... and wipe the handheld that way to restore it like new...

    PM me? I don't have BBM...
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    05-16-11 12:16 AM
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    Please read the Rules and Guidelines of Posting in the Market Place and edit your post so it follows the guidelines or the post will have to be removed.
    05-16-11 12:29 AM
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    do not update the original post... please reply to this thread following the marketplace guidelines and me or another mod will update the original post for you!

    please do so or this listing will be deleted.
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    Never seen him before.
    I actually kinda want this as well.
    i think hes the owner of UYBB, but his mod status thing is misleading, if anything, if hes not. whacker!!!
    05-16-11 08:52 AM
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    Again - How much ?

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    05-16-11 08:55 AM
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    UYBB is a Market Place Moderator. He just moderates for us in here.
    05-16-11 09:16 AM
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    UYBB is a Market Place Moderator. He just moderates for us in here.
    fair enough
    05-16-11 04:44 PM