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    Item Description: 2011 MacBook Pro 15" 2.2 High Res Glossy
    Price: $2055 firm. no trades.
    Rate it: 9/10
    What it comes with: Incase Slim Case, Cheap Wired Mouse, Magic Mouse, Sims 3, Charger, SL Restore Disks, Lion Restore Disk, AppleCare, 8gb Ram
    Item location: Silver Spring
    Shipping Details: Included
    Payment Options: PayPal or Cash (Pick Up)
    Contact Info: albertkim77@gmail.com (Please email. No PM plz)

    Any additional info: Don't know why im having such a terrible time selling this. I guess everybody has a macbook now? Computer is 10 weeks old. AppleCare runs until 2014. Condition is 9/10. Just 4 light hard to see scratches on the bottom and one 2cm dark scratch. All on the bottom though, which means if it bothers you too much you could buy a replacement. No box, was left at the parent's house. After fees/shipping I end up with only 1900 so this is a deal imo. Looking for a quick sale if possible. Pics are here.

    MacBook Pro 2011 pictures by peppabref - Photobucket

    Btw, US only please.
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