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    Item Description: I have a like new Toshiba KIRAbook 2nd gen with Microsoft Complete for sale or for trade

    Price: Not entirely sure on a price right now since it's hard to gauge. Also looking to trade.

    Carrier Locked or Unlocked?: N/A

    Condition: Mint condition, like new

    Includes: Box and all original accessories, Microsoft Complete until sometime 2016

    Item Location: Massachusetts

    Shipping Details: USPS or UPS

    Payment Options: PayPal if money is involved

    Additional Info: I love this laptop. I bought it in the spring and have cared for it dearly, but I'm thinking a different setup for me might be a little more ideal. I might want a desktop and then a tablet like the Surface 2, or I might just want a high end convertible like the Surface Pro 2 or 3 to dock with a monitor. The trades that I have off the top of my mind would be:
    -Surface Pro 3
    -Surface Pro 2 and cash
    -Surface 2 and a lot of cash
    -Desktop/All in one

    About the KIRAbook, it's still arguably the best computer that is purely a laptop today. That's why I bought it. I really do love it and have no complaints. I purchased Microsoft Complete with it as well. This laptop has handled everything I've thrown at it without a problem. KIRAbook? 13-i5s-Touch Ultrabook? That is the model I have right here. They must have stopped selling it at the Microsoft Store, but that's pretty much the price all around. Coupled with Complete, it was an expensive purchase. Like I said, this is the 2nd gen with the 4th gen i5. I'm stressing that because I know that the first gen KIRAbook wasn't all that great but the second gen is a homerun

    If I am trading for a Surface Pro 2 or 3, it would need to be the 256GB model or greater. I have a hobby of photography and I would need the extra space and 8GB of RAM. If you have a Surface 2 that you are trading, a standard 32GB will be fine.

    I have done a lot deals on CrackBerry and Windows Central, so feel free to check all of my feedback.

    Photos: One OneDrive: https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=51E2F...320D2%21103308

    Contact Info: PM or Reply
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    11-25-14 11:05 AM
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    Bump! I'd be willing to give someone a decent Black Friday or Thanksgiving deal
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    11-26-14 04:36 PM
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    Bump! Don't be shy, make me an offer! This is a fantastic laptop
    12-01-14 07:30 AM
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    12-03-14 10:41 PM
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    Bump. Surprised there's nothing on this. To get the ball rolling, I'll set the price at $900. I think that's fair after looking at what they have sold for on eBay (a lot were even 1st gen models) and adding Complete. Great laptop with complete peace of mind...you can't go wrong with this people
    12-08-14 10:30 AM
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    12-12-14 05:51 PM

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