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    I have a Blackberry Curve 8900 for sale. its T-Mobile Branded and its in really good shape, no major scratches or flaws, was treated with extreme care during its use. it has all the accessories with it. even throwing in a bb branded leather case with sleeper magnet and belt clip that swivels(like the one that comes with the tour/bold9650). i am waiting on the trackball to come now but it should be ready by midweek/end week of july 5th. It is a gem and in perfect shape(except for the trackball that i took out lol). if you are intrested in it plz pm me, and i will post up/edit when i get the trackball installed but it should be ready to go this week coming up. pm me and make me an offer, im just looking to help someone out.

    Pics @ flickr heres the link to the set. if u want more just pm me. thx.

    Curve 8900 - a set on Flickr

    i set the set of pics to public let me know if u can't access them.
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    sold locally plz close thread thanks
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