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    This is a fantastic 9900 that I am selling because I just got bored of it. Maybe I will shift to a BB10 when it is available in europe. This device does not have box and accessories but it is not stolen because I have the documents for it including the IMEI number on the invoice of the company that took in an old 9900 and found it defect and gave this new device to me. I have used it since close to a month.
    Pictures were taken in haste and I do not have macro facility in my camera lens. I prefer to send it anywhere in the European Union because of all the hassles of duty and tax. It would be a fair price to quote 300 euros including shipping anywhere in europe. There is not a single scratch anywhere on the device. It even smells new. That is how good the device condition is. I can give free new battery door and extra battery if anyone agrees for the price. The back has a sticker that i keep for not scratching it. Dont be alarmed. I will take it off and send a spanking new door too.
    Bold 9900 Sale Europe-sam_6513.jpgBold 9900 Sale Europe-sam_6514.jpgBold 9900 Sale Europe-sam_6515.jpg

    Please email me or leave a post here with your mail id and I will mail you back. I do not look at any exchanges because I dont think I can do something like that across countries. Anyone in belgium can pick it from me. Phone is completely unlocked to all networks.
    11-26-12 05:00 PM
  2. chaihg's Avatar
    Bumping this up and reducing the price to 260euros.
    11-28-12 07:31 AM

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