1. Mr.Conviviality's Avatar
    Thread title: (WTS/WTT)
    Item Description:
    Price: $119
    Carrier Locked or Unlocked?: Unlocked
    Condition: used but not abused. A few knicks and scrapes, but nothing offensive and overall good shape. Everything works as it should- screen is bright and clear, sounds strong, works well. PIN is free and clear. I'm the original owner.
    Includes: Phone, battery, box, OEM charging cradle, CD for software, new OEM battery cover, new OEM spare battery, OEM leather pouch, belt clip (not pictured) and if i can find a spare charger that may be OEM or Generic (not pictured)
    Item Location: Toronto (Canada)
    Shipping Details: Can be picked up or shipped out at buyer's expense. Please refer to Canada Post for rates.
    Payment Options: Cash in person. paypal in US$ otherwise.
    Additional Info: Please ask any questions you may have. I'll be happy to answer them for you.
    Photos: **
    Contact Info - Please PM with: A number to text you more photos, or a PIN to bbm you more pics, or an email address you can be reached at.
    08-28-13 07:22 PM
  2. Mr.Conviviality's Avatar
    I have a bunch of pics I've tried to attach but something is not cooperating. I will keep trying but feel free to ask me of pics while I work thru thi
    08-28-13 07:24 PM
  3. Mr.Conviviality's Avatar
    trying to upload pics... hopefully this one displays
    Attached Thumbnails Bold 9780, unlocked.  T-Mo/Wind/Mobilicity-img_00000926_edit.jpg  
    08-28-13 07:32 PM
  4. Mr.Conviviality's Avatar
    Will entertain reasonable offers...
    09-01-13 12:19 PM
  5. Mr.Conviviality's Avatar
    great phone in good shape for a great price... motivated to sell so will entertain reaonable offers.

    Phone is fully unlocked and will work on T-Mobile, Simple Mobile or Wind and Mobilicity in Canada...

    PM me if you have any questions
    09-09-13 03:10 PM
  6. Mr.Conviviality's Avatar
    motivated to sell, would like for someone who needs a solid phone to work out a deal
    09-23-13 12:31 PM
  7. vegetto_456's Avatar
    I'm interested. It will work on wind mobile with no issues?
    09-23-13 05:33 PM
  8. Mr.Conviviality's Avatar
    I'm interested. It will work on wind mobile with no issues?
    Yes, will work on Mobilicity in Canada, Wind in Canada, T-Mobile in the USA and their flanker brands...

    Phone is Unlocked.

    No issues. Good shape, great price. Lots of extras. Great buy
    09-24-13 12:15 PM
  9. vegetto_456's Avatar
    Hey sorry for late reply. Is it still available? I just saw your message. I'm still interested.

    Posted via CB10
    09-27-13 02:15 AM
  10. vegetto_456's Avatar
    Sorry ignore my post, not sure how to delete post. Sorry again.
    09-27-13 02:20 AM
  11. Mr.Conviviality's Avatar
    bumpity bump bump

    great phone, great price. ... looking for a good home.

    10-17-13 03:24 PM
  12. Mr.Conviviality's Avatar
    sold mods please lock it up
    10-28-13 08:48 PM

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