1. Trovo05's Avatar
    its in pretty good condition. Its used as a paper weight on my desk....if anyone is interested let me know....

    im only looking for $100, i believe i have a spare battery as well. ill look into it and let you know.

    please contact me via pm or this post.


    also i have pictures upon request. just let me know!
    03-02-11 02:42 PM
  2. markhunsaker's Avatar
    You might want to use the following format before a mod catches wind:

    You will also want to add pictures, or they delete the thread.

    All new threads will need to use the following template for posting, please just copy and paste this into your new thread:

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    Any additional info:
    03-02-11 02:52 PM
  3. gavriel's Avatar
    ill take the phone
    please pm info
    03-02-11 05:47 PM