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    Hey everyone-

    I'm about to put an order through at CNN.CN and I need to have my items FedExd to me via their 2-Day service, BUT, the $38 is kinda hefty. (It's actually more than the total of all my items) Anyone want to split costs with me on shipping?

    You can PayPal me for what you're buying + your portion of shipping and when I receive everything I can a) ship to you for free via USPS First Class mail or b) you can pay for your choice of shipping (USPS or UPS).

    Normally, the regular $5 shipping from China gets to Chicago in about 14 days. If we do it this way, you will most likely have your things in at least half that time. The more people we get in on this, the cheaper the shipping will be.

    Any questions, ask me! I'd like to get this order in within the next 48 hours so it's received by them by about noon their time, Monday. (So, no later than 11:30 PM CST Sunday)
    09-25-09 11:38 PM
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    And I also have a 10% + $5 off shipping coupon I forgot about!! So, shipping is $33 and you get 10% off your items!
    09-25-09 11:49 PM