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    Here's a short version.

    I send them a couple berries they acknowledged receipt via e-mail the last week in April. The e-mail states "You can expect to be contacted within 24 hours via email or phone call regarding the results of the inspection report.".

    A week later (after a couple phone calls) I receive a revised price change that's less than half of what was quoted before I sent the devices to them. All with BS excuses of scratches, etc. Note these were always housed in their provided leather sleeves and truthfully did not have the damage they described. I did expect some degree of "price adjustment" given that's typically the business model I'm dealing with here but less than half?!?

    Regardless they have the devices right? Not accepting their offer I'm sure would've cost me a return trip that would've negated any additional amount elsewhere... and they know that.

    Moving forward just to get it over with, I accept and receive a check a few days later for only one of the devices sent. After having to make a few follow-up calls I finally receive a second check "for the accepted BS amount" last week.

    Just to note they do have a lass with a pretty voice on their end however also note they WILL NOT CALL YOU BACK, even when they promise to do so. If you want your money my experience shows you'll have to chase them for it and it may take a month like it did for me.

    BTW - I waited until the checks cashed prior to posting this.

    Next time it's a local transaction only for me.
    05-27-10 05:55 PM