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    I know this wifi problem doesn't show up every day as I've only seen it a few times as it relates to wireless phones after I searched Google.

    Initially found after phone did a reboot and Wifi indicator was completely missing (and has been for about a week). Deleted all wifi networks that showed up on phone and tried to set up connection by scanning, manually adding network, and push button setup. Did diagnostic on it and all that shows on the the results is "The Wifi radio is not on" in the Status area.

    Tried hard rebooting, went into the HRT and registered (under wifi and also separately under the carrier name where in bold), have rebooted router numerous times, and sent service books after each variation of method I've attempted. Also reset IT Policy/wiped, restored using BBSAK and on another occasion JL_Cmder.

    Spent 15 min with ATT then about 2 hours with RIM support trying to see what they could do...pretty much to no avail there.

    Please advise with any ideas...thanks!
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    04-15-10 11:08 AM
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    As a general update...I'm thinking what caused the above situation to happen was when I had been in the PLT Screen in the Wifi section of the escreens...tried to force a prompt in one of the areas and that's when the the automatic reboot happened, knocking out the wifi. I'm thinking if there's a way to set the PLT Screen back to its default state that might work...

    Other than that the phone works fine in EDGE and 3G, a little slower in browser and app speed but Opera Mini is a great equalizer.
    04-16-10 04:22 PM
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    I'm shooting this upstairs one more time...I found some info from Thyth that may help. In the meantime if anyone has ideas I"m all ears..
    04-22-10 09:55 PM