1. jstracci's Avatar
    So with the "official release" for the 9500, I'm getting pretty excited figuring that an official release is coming for the 9530.


    I just read somewhere that the "Wireless Upgrade" located in Options->Advanced Options doesn't actually work yet?

    Has anyone heard this? Because I have only macs at home and I don't think there is a way to upgrade on them (if there is, I missed it on these forums).

    So confused and hoping I'm wrong here.
    03-12-09 02:29 PM
  2. pi_admin's Avatar
    Lots of discussion on this ... but no upgrade published for verizon yet (still .75); and the OTA Wireless Upgrade worked for me .65 > .75
    03-12-09 02:33 PM
  3. marckatz's Avatar
    The OTA wireless upgrade will show an update when an official one is released. You will also get an icon on your phone to click for the upgrade. It's not here yet, and yes, no one knows when it will be out
    03-12-09 02:52 PM