1. watamensch's Avatar
    I am a long-time Mac user who wants to get a blackberry, but I want to make sure the software is really compatible. Is it? Anything I should look out for?

    12-07-08 08:51 AM
  2. astro13rm's Avatar
    The BlackBerry software is not yet compatible with Mac. Their website points you to PocketMac (which I have had bad luck with -- other people have had good experiences). Apparently, RIM is putting out native Mac software in the first quarter, 2009.

    That being said, I've had excellent luck with MissingSync. I use it to sync my calendar and contacts and have no issues at all. It is a solid program that does exactly what you want it to. I highly recommend taking a look at it.
    12-07-08 01:02 PM
  3. warskees's Avatar
    I just have issues paying for the software!! I want BB Tools for my Mac!!
    12-07-08 04:51 PM
  4. Mac Annie's Avatar
    I'm a Mac user (doh) and have asked for a Blackberry Curve (Verizon) for Xmas. I've had plenty of Palms but never a BB. Made this choice because could sync w/ my Mac laptop (via Missing Sync, which it seems is superior to the BB free software) AND keep my Verizon service (at&t is lousy where I live).

    I'm not very tech-saavy, but I know my way around the Net and the .mac e-mail program. I play basic Klondike Solitaire to pass the time, so I know I'll want to get that software. If I can download e-books onto my BB, I'd do that too (have used ereader with Palm OS).

    I'll probably use the Curve mostly for Net research, syncing with iCal and Address Book and To Do list(s), and phone calls -- and maybe e-mail. My iCal has several years' worth of data, all of which I want to keep.

    I have been told that I can't play my iTunes music on the Curve, which is OK -- I can carry my iPod and my Curve; I hear that iTunes is much better than Rhapsody, for which I'm told I'd have to have Windows (I don't).

    I'm not likely to use the camera much if at all, though I'd like to put some jpeg photos on the Curve.

    I plan to get a protective case, a Bluetooth headset so I can go wireless, and software for Solitaire and Missing Sync. Will I need a card for more storage? If so, will 8gb be enough given my usage?

    Any warnings, advice, or such from you Mac/BB folks?

    Many thanks in advance.
    12-19-08 04:44 PM
  5. jimmers's Avatar
    I have been told that I can't play my iTunes music on the Curve
    This is not true. With the latest version of Pocket Mac--the free BB software for Macs--you can sync your iTunes music with your BB.

    Since you are already using Missing Sync, you can continue to use that to sync your contact, calendar etc. and just set Pocket Mac so that it doesn't do anything except sync your iTunes songs.
    12-19-08 04:49 PM
  6. Mac Annie's Avatar
    Thanks, jimmers! That's the first misinformation from the guy at the Verizon store ... I bet some other stuff he said is also not true.
    Scared after reading about all the sync problems Mac users have had with both Pocket Mac and (to a lesser extent) Missing Sync. Can I simply add the BB device to iSync and avoid the problem?
    12-19-08 05:11 PM
  7. xxfire's Avatar
    This is ALL u need..
    google Mark Sync all you need..
    0 issues
    12-19-08 06:33 PM
  8. rallanr's Avatar
    Mac Annie, I use Missing Sync with my BB Pearl and my PB G4 and it works great. I used to use PocketMac but I had issues with it after the last update and got tired of wasting my time trying to get it to work. yes Missing Sync costs a bit but my time and sanity is worth it. Plus there are rumours of a RIM created Mac sync program coming out in 2009. As for iSync, I'm pretty sure it doesn't work as the BB isn't iSync compatible.

    Note that currently the Mac BB issues are that you can't update the device software on a Mac nor does any of the Mac software back-up your device. PocketMac does offer some (limited) ability to add BB apps to your BB but doing an OTA (over the air) download straight into the BB is just as easy. If you do run Windows on your Mac then you can install and use the BB desktop software instead of PocketMac or Missing Sync but you need to run it in Windows to use it.
    12-27-08 09:40 PM
  9. TiggerRPh's Avatar
    Is there any correlation as to who has had good luck with PocketMac and those that haven't?

    I'm trying to decide which (Missing Sync/PocketMac) to use.
    12-28-08 02:11 AM
  10. hjpatter's Avatar
    Using PocketMac, I choose the ICAL option where my MacBook overwrites the BB, but after syncing, the BB now has the same event occurring twice. It's just another copy.
    I have done this multiple times, and every time I do this another copy shows up on the BB.

    It's annoying....but I don't want to spend $40 to have the same thing happen with missing sync.

    Am I doing something wrong? I have had my Bold for 4 days... traded in an iphone and am glad I did.
    12-28-08 08:55 AM
  11. VZWBBnewb's Avatar
    I use PocketMac to sync my contacts only with Entourage.
    I use Google Calendar & Google Sync, so PM isn't necessary to sync my calendar.
    As a result, I haven't had the need to upgrade to MissingSync...yet...

    However, I played with the Storm today in a VZW Corp Store...if I go for this BB, I may need to switch over to MS...until then, PM has worked fine for me.
    12-28-08 07:44 PM
  12. opiesusan's Avatar
    I'm Mac & Missing Sync too.
    The only "issue" I have with the two are that I need to restart my 'puter and do a battery pull on my BB before Syncing.
    When I sync my calendar though, I also have double entries. I don't use my calendar on my BB enough to be bothered by it.
    When syncing iTunes it took me hours to figure out that my songs needed to be converted to MP3's before I could get them onto my BB. It took me LOTS of research to finally find that out.
    My daughter, who is also Mac, just bought a Pearl yesterday, I've told her about CrackBerry.com and we're gonna sit down so we can "play" with our BB's together. Hopefully I'll be able to give her some good tips!
    12-29-08 02:28 PM
  13. hagosrush's Avatar
    Use Missing Sync guys, it is the only thing that will prevent you form pulling our your hair.

    PocketMac is TRASH! It sinks horribly wrong with the BB
    Spend the money and use Missing Sync as it has and will save you many problems.

    BlackBerry Sync Mac - Sync contacts, calendars, notes, playlists and photos
    12-31-08 11:42 AM
  14. maryel41's Avatar
    After reading comments on the forum regarding Pocket Mac, I decided to buy Missing Sync as soon as I got my Bold. I'd used my laptop PC (with Vista) to back up my Treo, so none of my contacts were on my Mac desktop. And I just can't face putting Windows on my Mac. I put DM on the laptop, copied the contacts to my Bold, then (with some guidance from the support folk at Missing Sync) copied them from the Bold to my Mac's Address Book. So far everything is working great. Missing Sync has copied iCal and iTunes music to my Bold -- though I have to admit I haven't taken the time to make sure that every song got transferred. Spoze I should do another laptop DM back up, but I'm hoping that RIM will release the Mac DM before I have to update the phone's OS.
    01-02-09 11:38 PM