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    I've got the wifi music sync working reasonably well. My Torch will connect to my Mac and I can download and stream songs no problem. However, when I add new songs to my iTunes library, they will not show up on the Torch. I can't figure out how to refresh my home computer library on the list of songs that show up on the phone. I've tried "Sync now" on the Wi-fi Music Sync screen, and the music sync icon on the Mac shows "Syncing now" when I do that (and it turns green), but the library will not refresh. The only way I can get it to refresh is via USB, which defeats the purpose. Any help?
    05-16-11 12:04 AM
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    You have to go to music and go to the bottom where it says WI-FI Music Sync. Click on that and the go press BB keys-> Sync Now.

    Now what you did with your BB will be synced with your compouter and vice versa. Btw i used itunes for this and when i created a playlist than pressed sync now, immediately it was updated in itunes.

    Hope everyone that was having problems could see this. Blackberry makes everything so hard to figure out.
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    06-22-11 03:58 AM
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    Thanks for response. However if you read it again, you might see that I tried "sync now" option, and that doesn't work.
    06-24-11 11:15 PM