09-15-09 01:42 PM
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  1. GlitchZero's Avatar
    Can't believe it's Sept 2nd already! Where did the Summer go? Wow.
    Anyhoo- I agree with Glitchzero and Mattxmiggz that trying to properly sync your BlackBerry to a Mac has been an exercise in drudgery or just plain failure for the longest time now.

    I even gave up at some point back and said "F it - maybe RIM will eventually see the other major computing platform out there someday and fix this". Well, it seems RIM is doing just that - a full release of desktop manager for Mac should be hitting us soon, and I am excited on that...

    Finally! No more 3rd party workaround cross-your-fingers fixes. At least I hope so.

    And @ Vnj85: excellent mentioning on the BBS- I don't use it myself much, but a lot of people do... So yes, something else we can love about our BlackBerrys.

    I'll be candid and say that when I first started looking at a mobile device to replace the old Motorola RAZR I used to carry, it was the iPhone that I first visited.

    I suppose as a Mac owner, it was a sort of consumer duty - to weigh the merits of Apple's latest before sneaking off to appraise the wares contained within other encampments.

    But I'm happy I made the decision. This Curve has been great - though she is starting to show her age a bit.
    When the Storm 2 hits, I may be seriously considering an upgrade as a Christmas present to myself! Lol.
    Seriously, I'm starting to consider that too. I love my Storm and everything, it's awesome, don't get me wrong, but the Storm 2 is being so hyped I'm seriously considering getting a trade in credit and buying the Storm 2.

    BUT the Storm 1 was this hyped too and it was a huge disappointment at launch (makes me glad I waited until a month ago to get one), which makes me worry that if I do give up on Little S here that the S2 will be just as disappointing. It's hard to think that considering how RIM really looked at the problems with the S1 and are working to fix it in the S2, but still.

    Anyways, how's everyone liking the leaked DM for Mac? So far the only real issue I'm having with it is Contacts. I had mine in Entourage / Address Book and somehow crossing them all into DM fuddled something up, and now I'm having some fairly big issues with it.

    Meh, I'm just happy to be able to wipe off those damn apps I don't use! Take THAT Cydia!
    09-12-09 03:28 PM
  2. LadyBug1383's Avatar
    I've only used the iPhone once, and while I enjoyed the UI, it doesn't compare to my Storm. It fits my needs perfectly. I'm not a business person by any means. Just a regular grad student who swore that I would never get a BlackBerry because they looked so boring. Until my sister switched to Verizon. I had been with T Mobile and loved the prices and service until I moved for school and noticed that my phone (a Windows Mobile) wasn't working as well. My sister started working for Verizon and had switched over to their services. I've always wanted to try out Verizon, but I didn't really like their collection of phones. But that all changed when I saw the commercials for the Storm. I like touchscreen phones so I thought I'd give it a try. It took me a while to love my phone but it's been one of the best purchase I've ever made.

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    09-14-09 10:02 AM
  3. skwij's Avatar
    I've got a Storm and an iPhone 3G.

    Gotta say, while the UI is lovely on the iPhone, the "getting sh!t done" factor is way better on the Storm.

    Email is a right PITA on the iPhone. Select all? Hah! Mark as read? Hah! Delete "from server and Phone VS On phone only". Not an option! Consolidated INBOX for all email accounts? Nope.

    Not having contextual menus and having to hit the Home button to do anything is also a PITA. Sticking with older software because IT'S JAILBROKEN and UNLOCKED, in order to have the things I want on it, is also a PITA.

    The sycing is superb though. It's definitely "set and forget" what with MobileMe, or just iTunes. Can't wait for that to happen with BB. With the lack of good syncing, even with the new DesktopManager/Mac, RIM falls flat on it's face in that department. That and limiting the app memory to a ridiculously low 128 megs is criminal.

    C'mon, we can stick a 16GB card in there! Let's be able to use that card to RUN apps!
    09-14-09 10:13 PM
  4. LDubs's Avatar
    2 words: Touch Screen. Don't like. Don't like typing on it, don't like flicking it, don't like. I like my Pearl, even though I currently can't upgrade my OS at home - so I do that at work....
    09-15-09 01:42 PM
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