1. barryweiser's Avatar
    I have tried to drag and drop my music (from iTunes) numerous times now, and I am still only seeing 1245 songs listed on my Storm. I have tried the drag and drop, doubletwist, and pocketmac thus far. All of them have added all the songs (I know this because my memory is taken up), but I can only see, like I said before, 1245/6 songs when the device stops scanning.

    Any help will be much appreciated,


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    04-10-09 10:28 AM
  2. lenmonster's Avatar
    How many songs have you loaded and how many do you see? It seems you are saying you are only missing one.

    A few things I've observed...

    1. Protected AAC files, which are iTunes Store downloads that aren't iTunes Plus, will not copy to your device no matter what you do. Those have an m4p extension.

    2. Even the files I do copy often don't show up when I try to browse by artist. I can't figure out why. Some were purchased on the iTunes store, and others either purchased elsewhere or burned from a CD. If I browse by Album, for example, they

    Album art often doesn't copy either, and again, I can't find a reason that some does and some doesn't.
    04-10-09 04:03 PM
  3. fartyassmcgee's Avatar
    Hey dude, I think you are just out of luck because mine is doing the exact same thing. I have tried numerous times using different methods to get my 3,600 songs or so on there. But all it reads when i put in my card is 1245
    04-24-09 08:28 PM