1. bellabug08's Avatar
    I have 4.1 as well and tried to look on the apple website. All of them require OS X 5 which is the only one that is not available for download.
    10-03-09 04:42 PM
  2. jonlong724's Avatar
    what are you talking about?

    Your Mac OS should be 9.x or 10.x
    Your phone OS should be 4.x
    Your DM version should be 1.x
    10-03-09 05:33 PM
  3. kav's Avatar
    i think your still running tiger or something, u need to upgrade or get a new mac, your seriously outdated lol.
    10-03-09 05:49 PM
  4. Statman's Avatar
    there is no such thing as mac OS 5 (never was)...I think you mean 10.5.5 is the minimum required (this is code named leopard)...it also works on 10.6 (snow leopard). You sound like you are on 10.4.1...which as stated above is tiger and not compatible. you will need to buy either an upgrade or full scale OS. You can buy SL for about $25 and that will work (without the iLife goodies).
    10-03-09 08:47 PM
  5. skwij's Avatar
    OMG Tiger .1?

    Tiger was fabulous, don't get me wrong. There are things about it I miss (that I think worked better than Leo or SnoLeo) but to not be updated to the latest version?

    10.4.11 is light years ahead of 10.4.1.
    10.5.8 is light years ahead of 10.5..1
    10.6.1 is better than 10.6.0

    Original Poster, you need to update. OFFICIAL Updating is not free.

    What Mac are you using? How old is it? Is Tiger (10.4) basically the latest that you can run due to the age of your hardware?
    10-03-09 08:53 PM