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    Hi all,

    This is my first post to Crackberry. I have not used a Blackberry since the 7730 in 2004 so you can consider me a newbie to the Blackberry world.

    I have a MacBook Pro and got the Blackberry Bold recently and everything is hunky dory until I started using Missing Sync to sync photos and music. When I try to sync, it is saying that I need to have a microSD card installed.

    WTF?? The Bold has like 800 MB of free space available and I can't use that for photos and music? What's up with this b.s. requirement for microSD for photos/music syncing?

    Is this a Missing Sync bug or does Blackberry actually prohibit uploading of music and photo files to the Blackberry internal storage? Can someone shed light on this? Thanks.
    11-18-08 11:55 PM