1. Baumer582's Avatar

    I've been wavering back and forth for a week now. I own an iPhone 3G and a Bold, but am using my iPhone because of the MobileMe syncing.

    Although the iPhone does a lot of great things, it's starting to annoy the crap out of me. After using the Bold for a few days, I went back to the iPhone, but am still thinking of switching to BB for good..

    Is GMail (and the Gmail app) a better alternative to MobileMe? I purchased the Missing Sync, so contact syncing is irrelevant at this point. What I need is an email service/app that houses ALL of my email in folders that can be viewed at any time on BOTH my Mac and my Bold.

    Are there any apps that can do this? And, if there is an app that can sync all my emails and folders, will the emails that are read and deleted on my Mac be read and deleted on my Bold?

    Thanks in advance. I feel like I'll hang onto both of these phones and only use one of them. What a waste that would be..
    01-18-09 01:59 AM
  2. xxfire's Avatar
    I use my .mac, gmail, and yahoo emails on my BB.. 0 issues... LOVE IT

    Can't you add all your emails to your Mac mail?
    01-19-09 01:15 AM
  3. laurenrice's Avatar
    I only use my gmail on my BB, no complaints here!
    01-19-09 02:16 PM
  4. Martinisloth's Avatar
    I use MobileMe, my vzw.blackberry, and a forum email, all work well.
    01-19-09 09:22 PM
  5. Mz.Kurve's Avatar
    I use Gmail & Entourage....Yahoo has too much spam and I didn't feel like creating filters.
    01-21-09 05:38 PM
  6. shabbasuraj's Avatar
    I use my work e-mail, given to me by my employer.. I would never trust some third party multinational with my sensitive data..

    Gmail? ya right.
    01-21-09 06:30 PM
  7. claustin's Avatar
    I set up both of my Gmail addresses to automatically forward to my mobileme address (and subsequently delete the original in GMail). That way everything is always synced and i only have to use one email on my phone. And in using my mobileme address in Apple's Mail.app and on the Storm, it seems that MobileMe push email works on the Storm. I'm really happy with it. That being said, if i lived in an AT&T coverage area I'd have an iPhone in a heartbeat. The syncing issues between the BB and my Mac are driving me insane!
    01-21-09 06:45 PM
  8. Blue Shift's Avatar
    I'm using my .Mac account and my BIS email account without any issues.
    01-22-09 06:53 AM
  9. Sara_cakes's Avatar
    I use Gmail, I wanted a MobileMe account but I really wanted the @mac.com but it looks like they've changed it to @me.com?
    01-22-09 08:49 PM
  10. fcortese's Avatar
    I use Gmail, I wanted a MobileMe account but I really wanted the @mac.com but it looks like they've changed it to @me.com?
    MobileMe (@me.com) has replaced @mac.com. I am new to Macs since this past summer when Mobile Me started. I believe it is virtually the same thing. It has pusm mail,etc that you can use with an iPhone, if you have one.
    01-22-09 08:54 PM
  11. NFLBlitze1's Avatar
    I use Gmail, I wanted a MobileMe account but I really wanted the @mac.com but it looks like they've changed it to @me.com?
    still the same thing with the same services. I have a .mac account because ive been using the service for years, and both @mac.com and @me.com work for my same e-mail.
    01-22-09 09:07 PM
  12. trini_pirate's Avatar
    gmail baby!
    01-23-09 12:48 AM
  13. PNWBerryAddict's Avatar
    I have multiple Yahoo accounts but I am looking at GMail.
    01-26-09 03:04 PM
  14. PhxBlue's Avatar
    gmail and mobileme
    01-27-09 01:41 AM
  15. SuperTrouper's Avatar
    I use the gmail app on my device and find it works very nicely.
    01-27-09 06:06 AM
  16. josh.perry's Avatar
    I use my mail.utexas, my gmail, and vzw.blackberry
    01-27-09 10:26 AM
  17. festiva93's Avatar
    I use gmail, vzw.blackberry, and aol. All work great! Gmail is my favorite though. I like the conversation style.
    01-27-09 02:23 PM
  18. Xverhoeven's Avatar
    Let's see, Gmail, AOL, Yahoo and DSE (Dutch and it sucks)
    02-01-09 12:41 PM
  19. jontymisra's Avatar
    Got my own domain, and Gmail, School email all pushed to my BB.

    All that is in sync on my Mac using Entourage 08.
    02-01-09 12:48 PM
  20. taddley's Avatar
    A little late finding this thread ... but I'll weigh in on what I think is a good MobileMe replacement / alternative.

    If you've been willing to pay for MobileMe, then you've accepted the value of "cloud" subscription fees.

    I use a hosted BES system (TheMessageCenter). There are other hosted exchange services, but this is the one that is best for me. See the following link for a review of others (See "Hosted Exchange" list midway down and on right of page):


    I get seamless push email, contacts sync, calendar sync, sent message sync to and from Entourage / Blackberry / online Outlook 2007 and pay @$18 per month. The system is absolutely fabulous and delivers email and sync changes almost instantaneously.
    02-27-09 07:21 PM
  21. nessenj's Avatar
    I have Gmail (Google Apps actually with my domain) pushed to my device, and I also use my @vzw.blackberry.net.

    02-28-09 11:23 AM
  22. luckylefty's Avatar
    i use gmail and vzw.blackberry, and the only compliant i have is that the junk folder that i have for gmail doesnt follow over to my BB, so i still get a lot of the junk coming to my BB.
    03-01-09 10:38 PM