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    I have an older iPod and a new 8900. And while I'm admittedly an Apple fanboy, I do love my Blackberry, and I hate ATT (which is why I don't have an iPhone). Anyway, I just got a 16GB media card and I'm putting the BB thru its paces to see if it can replace my current iPod, allowing me to carry one device.

    I just tried Missing Sync, and it was literally taking about 2 minutes per song to update over USB, so I am working with MediaSync. Everything goes fine, except for my Radiohead tracks! I don't know what RIM has against Radiohead, but the problem is that files keep disappearing within the lists when you browse. Only by playing a playlist can I see the tracks, but not by Artist or Album. It's bizarre. In iTunes, I THOUGHT I figured it out. Many of my tracks were missing the "Sort" tags, but that's never seemed to be a problem before.

    Anyway, just checking if anyone else had any problems like this. I know that MediaSync is still in "Preview."
    04-03-09 08:23 PM
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    One other weird thing. You CAN view the Radiohead stuff by Album (as a top level sort), but not by Radiohead as artist, and then Album within that.
    04-03-09 08:24 PM