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    Ok, I have FINALLY run into my first problem I have not been able to solve yet.
    I am using my MBP and PocketMac to sync my iCal and my addressbook entries from Entourage. I started to notice that if I made a change to my addressbook entries in Entourage '04, that it did not update my addressbook on the device. Instead it duplicated the entry with the updated changes I made. So, I ran VMWare with my XP image. Opened Dm4.5 and I attempted to manually remove ALL of my addressbook entries. I was trying to get a fresh sync on my device to rid it of the duplicates. I already changed the options on the device addressbook to not display duplicates, but that did not work. So after trying to manually remove them, DM4.5 shows that there are no entries available. Kewl, so I removed the battery on the device, and completed the hard reboot. After reboot, I still have ALL of my addressbook entries. Bummer!!! So I tried to manage them again in Windows, and no luck. The ONLY thing I have not done is a device wipe and restart. I have tried to manually restore the addressbook from a previous back up I had made, but this only updated my entries to a previous state, the duplicates were still present.

    SO! Does anyone else have any logical troubleshooting, OTHER then a device wipe???

    One other note! I am NOT syncing any data from Windows. I only use Windows to backup my device, restore if needed, add/remove apps and OS installs, NOTHING else.
    08-22-08 09:30 PM