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    I just got the Storm 9530 and was told I could use my Mac to download video onto it. This is great and I did ... then problems

    I downloaded onto my Mac the latest "trial/test" version of the desktop software. I could not find anything else for the Mac and I am not sure that my storm has the latest software for this installed (how can I check/get it)

    When I connected my storm to the mac it showed up ok, and I started formating the videos (per other forums) to meet the required codec. Then when I went to view them on the storm and only some showed up and I made sure to re-sync each time I reconnected and added videos.

    Then I went back and reformatted them, and reloaded the videos. That is when it started getting weird. The list of videos started to change and some that were there disappeared (even though I could see them in the storm-blackberry2 folder when connected to the mac) and some when I pressed their name in the storm to view the video played a different video?

    HELP! I got this to show clients my production work and need it asap. It is why I got it and upped my cell plan.

    Thx anyone who can help me.
    09-19-09 04:46 AM
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    All OS's before the 4.7.151 had memory card indexing problems. The easiest thing to do is any time you disconnect from the computer or reboot, go to options-memory, hilight the memory card, hit menu and select "uninstall mem catd.". The menu and "install mem card.". Usually the first try will fix it, but sometimes you have to do it twice. What this does is force the OS ro reindex the card.

    Now, if you upgrade your OS to 4.7.151 or hgher you will never have this issue again, nor will you have rapid memory leak.

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    09-19-09 05:02 AM
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    You don't need any 3rd party programs to simply load vids onto the Storm.

    On the phone, go to Options > Memory and make sure Mass Storage Mode is on, and set to PROMPT when connecting to your Mac. Also make sure that the SD card is formatted. Do this ON the BLACKBERRY, not your Mac.

    Then, on your Mac, in Finder, be sure to allow discs to show (via Preferences).

    Once you get a disc called Blackberry 2 to show on the Desktop, open it. You should have subfolders of Blackberry, including Pictures, Ringtones, Music, Videos, etc. Just drag and drop your vids from the Mac into the Video folder on the SD Card.

    To see what OS is on your phone, go to Options > About. It should be something like 4.7.0.XXX where XXX is probably .121 or .148.

    If you wanted to load a newer OS (I use and like .151) you would have to use a Windows machine for that (either via Bootcamp, or virtualisation software like VMware Fusion, Parallels, or VirtualBox).

    Sorry, but for reliable backups, and loading newer Operating Systems on your Berry, we are stuck with Windows for now, as the Beta Mac Desktop is still too buggy to be relied on, and can't load an Operating System other than the "official" one from your carrier.
    09-19-09 06:31 AM