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    I was told by Verizon Wireless that I could use my blackberry as an external modem for my laptop to access the internet. For the life of me I haven't been able to get it working. I own a Macbook. Has any other Mac owner been able to get their internet connected using the blackberry?

    I found this info on the blackberry website (sorry I cant post the direct link yet... crackberry wont let me

    Task 1 Ensure Bluetooth services are enabled and the BlackBerry smartphone is configured to be discoverable.

    Complete the following steps:

    On the Home screen of the BlackBerry smartphone, click Options > Bluetooth.
    Press the Menu button and select Enable Bluetooth.
    Press the Menu button and then click Options.
    Set the Discoverable field to Yes.
    Display the menu and then click Save.
    Task 2 - Pair the BlackBerry smartphone with the Macintosh computer and configure it as a modem.

    Open System Preferences on the Macintosh computer and then select Bluetooth.

    Click the + button to open the Bluetooth Setup Assistant.
    Click Continue at the initial Welcome screen.
    In the Select Device Type screen, select Mobile Phone from the list, and then click Continue.

    In the Bluetooth Mobile Phone Setup screen, the Macintosh computer will now perform a search of Bluetooth devices within proximity (this may take a few moments). Once the Macintosh computer has completed the search for Bluetooth devices, highlight the BlackBerry smartphone from the list provided and then click Continue.

    The Macintosh computer will now gather information about the BlackBerry smartphone. Once this process completes, click Continue.
    A passkey should now be displayed on the Bluetooth Setup Assistant. At this time, the BlackBerry smartphone will display the following prompt: Enter numeric passkey for <Mac Name>. Type the passkey in the field provided.
    Note: There is a limited amount of time for this step if necessary, click Continue and then try again .

    Upon successful entry of the passkey, a Pairing Complete message appears briefly on the BlackBerry smartphone. When prompted to Accept connection request from <Mac Name>, click Yes.
    On the computer, ensure that Access the Internet with your phones data connection is checked, then click Continue.

    The Bluetooth Setup Assistant will appear. In the Phone Vendor field, select Generic, and in the Phone Model field, select Bluetooth LAN Access.
    Note: To access the Internet through the BlackBerry smartphone, information such as the user name, password, phone number, and access point name (APN) may be required. The values in these fields vary by wireless service provider. To obtain this information, contact your wireless service provider.

    Make sure the Show Modem status in the menu bar option is selected, and then click Continue.
    Click Quit.
    Task 3 - Configure the BlackBerry to trust the connection from the computer.

    On the Home screen of the BlackBerry smartphone, click Options > Bluetooth.
    Under Paired Devices highlight the connection to the Mac, press the Menu button and select Device Properties.
    Select Trusted and toggle the setting to Yes.
    Press the Escape key and select Save.
    Task 4 Connecting to the Internet.

    Click the Modem icon on the top right of the menu bar (the icon looks like a mobile phone), and then select Connect Bluetooth

    Followed all directions but it's still not working

    Thanks for any help!!!
    10-17-09 01:54 AM
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    got both a bold, pearl and an old 7130g, all linked and working on my macbook, i even did a tutorial for my collegues at work, i must stress you have the modem scripts and use the apn for your providor rather than the dial up number then all should work, but did take me a couple of attempts, before getting it working, if you pm me i will send the tutorial for you , it may help, regards
    10-17-09 04:35 PM