1. jtrick33's Avatar
    Sorry about the double post....I made a new one for, well...obvious reasons.

    Heya, heard a while back that rim was coming out with a DM like product for macs. Any new news on this? Last OS update I downloaded windows to my computer but that's more trouble than it's worth. Anyone else have any tricks? Or is it just a PC till the mac DM comes out?
    02-13-09 09:07 AM
  2. LDubs's Avatar
    Haven't heard news yet. I update my OS at work on a PC. You can also try using Bootcamp, VM Fusion or Parallels to run Windows on your Mac, and run DM from there. Haven't tried it but a bunch of other folks have. I would check out the Mac forum, there's a bunch of tricks in there...
    02-13-09 09:12 AM
  3. nm1k0's Avatar
    I use Vmware fusion with windows xp installed in it.

    I don't think there's been any anouncements as to when the mac DM is coming out other than it actually is.

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    02-13-09 09:43 AM
  4. uncheels23's Avatar
    I haven't heard anything on this in a while. Hopefully it comes out soon ! That's the only thing holding me back from buying a Mac
    02-13-09 09:50 AM