1. Dlippiett's Avatar
    Hello everyone, I went to update my OS to the .6xx from .445, att's website has windows version, but not mac, even tried blackberry.com, tried both links and nothing. When I click check for updates in BBDM it says that the program is upto date but nothing about the phone
    03-05-10 01:25 AM
  2. mogz's Avatar
    It's possible to update through Mac, but it's very complicated. Your best bet (and this is what I did) is to do it with BootCamp or VMWare.
    03-05-10 05:32 AM
  3. GlitchZero's Avatar
    +1 for above post. Needlessly complicated. Much simpler to just run some kind of partition.
    03-05-10 05:40 AM
  4. eddyecb's Avatar
    vmware and parallels both didnt work for me, i havent tried bootcamp tho
    03-05-10 07:43 AM
  5. mustbesonny's Avatar
    All I gotta say is if you know anyone with a Windows Computer, just use it and update it through there. Makes life easier and happier

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    03-05-10 08:40 AM