1. qnguyen010's Avatar
    Hey guys,

    So a lot of people have been having this issue: I unlocked my Verizon BB Tour and now use AT&T service on it. Now my browser and MMS are gone (and who knows what else has disappeared w/o me noticing).


    I have tried:
    - a hard reboot
    - registering to the network
    - getting the service books from AT&T BIS site (I cannot log into this site. I tried creating a new account, but this message came up after entering my PIN and IMEI: "Your account is not accessible via HTML browser. Please use your device to access BlackBerry Internet Service." Next, I tried the "Forgot Password?" option. It told me it sent the info to my device, and I got an email that said my user name and password do not exist.)
    - I also no longer have the "Email Settings" or "Email Setup" (whichever one it is) icon anymore in my "Setup" folder. So I can't resend my service books from there either.

    I saw the post about CrackUtil but there are no directions for Mac users, so I'm SOL there as well.

    So can anyone help me?! I will love you forever. LOL. 0=)

    Thanks in advance!

    PS - Yes, I did post this in the Mac Forum. Just thought I'd post under the Tour Forum to see if anyone else had any ideas.
    12-02-09 10:54 PM
  2. JatoPrieto's Avatar
    follow the steps that u find unter the storm forum, it gives u a step by step guide as to how to get everything set.
    12-03-09 06:37 PM
  3. qnguyen010's Avatar
    Pointless post... anyone else got an idea?
    12-03-09 09:42 PM
  4. MaxxGolf's Avatar
    There is a post in one of the Forums on how to get your Browser, MMS, Etc. back on your phone. I had an unlocked Storm and used this post to get my Browser, etc. back. Each time you upgrade the OS on your BB you risk the possibility of losing those applications. You should go ahead and re-read that thread.
    12-04-09 01:25 PM
  5. mostlydo's Avatar
    bump bump answered.
    12-04-09 01:29 PM
  6. 312's Avatar
    Pointless post... anyone else got an idea?
    Don't expect anyone else to help you with that attitude.
    12-04-09 02:21 PM
  7. JatoPrieto's Avatar
    Pointless post... anyone else got an idea?
    Dont be so arrogant!!! if you had atleast tryed what i suggested you would have figured it out, now quit been suck a B**** and go when im telling you,

    storm forums, how-to
    how-to get browser, mms, and service books for att.
    there you'll find a link on the top left of hte post that links you to the mac support.

    i demand an appoligy.
    12-04-09 09:30 PM
  8. 312's Avatar
    You're too nice. I wouldn't have even bothered.
    12-04-09 09:32 PM