1. otis1028's Avatar
    Hey all,

    I have been using the Blackberry storm for a few months and have not even tried to connect my phone to my computer (which is a MacBook). When I tried to plug it in, nothing happened - didn't show up on desktop, or anything. I installed the PocketMac for Blackberry on the BB website, but it still did not recognize my phone.

    I have a few videos on my phone I need to upload on my computer as well as a few pictures - also I would like to eventually put some of my iTunes library on my phone. Is there anything that you guys could do to help me out? Thanks!!

    - Bryan
    07-10-09 09:48 PM
  2. skwij's Avatar
    Try enabling Mass Storage Mode on the phone. Options>Memory

    Also set Auto Enable to "Prompt". Be sure that on the Macbook in Finder you have it set to show connected disks.

    That should get the SD card to mount on the desktop, and from there it's a simple matter of dragging/dropping files to and from the Berry.
    07-11-09 06:47 AM