1. BDub1's Avatar
    I have Missing Sync since we all know PocketMac blows chunks. But all the literature has transferring music (iTunes) files from Computer to Bold based on Windows or a PC format. Is there a way to get a lot of my Mac resident music to the Bold? Thanks
    02-05-09 12:21 AM
  2. pilotcap#AC's Avatar
    I use a Storm, and with MissingSync 1.0.3 I can choose playlists from iTunes to transfer to the MediaCard in my device. Works neat and seemless. Keep in mind that You cannot transfer DRM protected files, though.

    Other way: Format MediaCard within Bold, remove it, connect it via card reader to Your Mac, open and look for the folder "BlackBerry". In there You will find a subfolder called "Music". Copy Your tracks in this folder and You are done.
    02-08-09 06:53 AM