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    I have a Pearl 8130 running For the past several months, I've been using 2face-MazE's fantastic Pearl Precision Zen theme without any problems.

    Last night I cleared a few hours in my schedule with the intention of ditching MissingSync and installing RIM's Desktop Manager for Mac. I uninstalled MissingSync from my MacBook Pro - which is running 10.6.2 - booted into my Windows partition, and backed up my Pearl using DM for PC. I then cleared my Pearl's calendar and contacts, installed DM for Mac, and subsequently synced my Pearl's calendar, contacts, and tasks with iCal and Address Book without any problems.

    However, I noticed this afternoon that the events listed on the Today Theme are only reoccurring appointments. What is odd is that all of my upcoming one-time appointments have been synced from iCal to my Pearl, and are listed when I view my Pearl's calendar in agenda view. These appointments are on my Pearl, but they're just not listed when I use the Today Theme. Prior to using DM for Mac, both one-time and reoccurring appointments were listed on the home screen. I've tried restarting the Pearl, toggling back-and-forth between different themes, and verifying the correct calendar under Options>Advance Options>Default Services. I've also tried a one-way sync from iCal to the Pearl, but there has been no change.

    Am I missing something painfully obvious? Any suggestions are appreciated.


    ETA: Anyone?

    I've scoured the forms, but I haven't been able to find a situation similar to the one I'm experiencing. I've also cleared the calendar database on my Pearl numerous times, and resent the service books. Neither has resolved the problem.
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