1. jeremy8mn's Avatar
    can someone help me? this is my setup

    config: default
    tel #: wap.cingular
    account name: wap.cingulargprs.com
    pw: CINGULAR1

    macbookpro SL
    BB Bold 9000

    my problem is, i get the connection working fine but then after 15-30 minutes of use, my connection just drops and i have to reconnect, but sometimes i get an error message when i reconnect and starts working again when i restart my computer
    11-30-09 02:46 AM
  2. ryana123's Avatar
    The max area of grazing without the fence would be 3.14X 100 X 100/2. As this is much larger than 100 sq. ft, I suppose the cow can graze all the square barn as well as the rectangular one
    11-30-09 02:52 AM
  3. jeremy8mn's Avatar
    umm i dont get what your trying to say? my phone is right next to the computer
    11-30-09 03:08 AM