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    I need help! Some days my storm (9530) will work fine for hours when I use it to tether it to my macbook but it will intermittingly disconnect. However, lately it won't connect me at all and when it does as soon as I click on a link it will disconnect me! I have a plan with vzw of course and the last couple times I've called them they've said: 1) data issue with blackberry service or 2) you need to have a blackberry internet account. The second one appeared to solve the problem as I was directed to go to blackberry.com/go/vzw.htm or something like that and then was told to take my battery out for 10 secs then put it back in and try the internet. Now today, for the 3rd straight day, cannot connect to the internet. I am sick of calling vzw about this problem. Does anybody know what to do? I have a macbook 1st generation and a 9530 storm. I'm not sure whether it might be my macbook that would be the issue or the blackberry/vzw service because I have had days where it works great but half the time it pisses me off because it disconnects a lot and I'm paying $30 for this crappy service. Any advice will be appreciated! -Vanny
    05-02-09 08:35 PM
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    IT's been covered in the Mac fourm....

    05-02-09 08:36 PM