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    Hey I found a link with the modem scripts and instructions needed to pair a blackberry to a new mac... Thought it might be good to have here.

    Text copied from fibble.org, link to article posted below. (sorry not enough posts to post link.)


    Updated Modem Scripts for OS X 10.5 (Leopard)
    By Grant Goodale on October 27, 2007 11:09 AM | Permalink | Comments (73)
    If you're a rabid early adopter like me, you've probably already installed Leopard and discovered that the original modem script doesn't work with the new OS. However, it's unlikely you then repackaged all of the modem scripts (BlackBerry 8100,8700 and 8800) into the new modem script format and made them available for download. If you did, why didn't you let me know?! You would have saved me a half-hour's worth of work. Sheesh, some people.

    At any rate, if you're on Leopard and jonesing for a Bluetooth modem fix, here's what you do:

    Download the new scripts. One download for all phone models!
    Unzip that file into Macintosh HD:Library:Modem Scripts. The same location th old script lived. If successful, you should see a new directory named BlackBerry.ccl there.
    Pair your phone as usual - when asked for the phone's Vendor and Model, choose 'Research in Motion' and whatever model of phone you have. I'm not a mind reader, you know.
    The username, password and phone number fields should be filled in with the same values as before; namely, whatever is appropriate for your carrier. Check the forums if you're not sure.
    That's it! I'd like to make an installer for this to make it even more seamless, but for now this should get you going. As always, let me know if you run into problems and I'll try to help.
    09-18-08 11:51 AM