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    What i am looking to do is minimal with what i need from and within outlook. I need to import files from my outlook calendar to my mac ical. I'm not sure what the file extension is, but it's close to .xls or something in that neigborhood, i think. Would Entourage fix this? or would it be easier, (and much more tedious) to manually enter the data into my ical, then sync my BB and ical with The Missing Sync? All i really need is to import files from my outlook calendar. (files are team schedules, 2 teams=160 odd games to enter into the calendar) So, you can see how importing these files would be waaayy easier. Also, I've thought about google calendar, but i would rather stay away from a third calendar if at all possible. I also remember someone mentioning a mirror program that may work, but what i found/read, didn't seem to be what i needed anyway. Oh well, if anyone has a few thoughts i am always up for listening. thanks in advance for any insight....

    BB curve 8310
    mac powerbook G4
    07-22-08 01:15 AM