1. Stuart Goldberg's Avatar
    My BB got screwed up during an update and I had to restore from a backup. I have everything working except syncing my Apple Notes. I get a message "Notes data base can not be accessed for synchronization. Refer to K19454 BB's Desktop Mgrs Knowledge Base. 2 things: How do I find article K19454? Second, I did not originally set my syncing up. I have the data in the Reminder section of Apple Mail. If someone could help me through how to set up a sync with my BB and Apple Notes/Reminder, this to my BB, this would solve my problem. I have a Tour 9630.
    This may help with a solution for me. I didn't do the original install/sync, so I don't know how to setup to sync a file. All I really need is a reference for instructions on how to set up a sync, or some one who could explain.

    12-11-09 12:12 PM