1. scooby43215's Avatar
    I have looked through and cannot find my question. I do not have a dataplan on my blackberry pearl. I would like to use ringtones. I can download them to my MAC, but cannot get them from my Mac to my Blackberry. I use the free PocketMac Synchmanager and it does not appear to let me sync ringtones. Any suggestions as to how to get them from my computer to phone without using email on my phone? Thank you.
    01-29-09 10:34 AM
  2. xxfire's Avatar
    Umm drag them from desktop to the media card...
    0 software needed... wait till the card mounts.
    01-31-09 02:06 AM
  3. Dannaboo's Avatar
    You can send files to your blackberry using the bluetooth on the phone and the mac, if your mac has bluetooth. Enable both and pair them. Open the media folder on the phone and locate file on computer. I believe you right click and follow the options (go to more options) and then choose send to bluetooth device. There is a very helpful "how to" concerning how to transfer mac files to blackberry and vice versa via bluetooth. I'm sure you could find it in a search.
    01-31-09 08:59 PM