1. Darth_Doug's Avatar
    I just upgraded my BB to 4.2, and now it wont sync with my mac. What did I do wrong??
    07-03-07 01:10 PM
  2. pjbaird@yahoo.com's Avatar
    Upgrading from 4.1 to 4.2 apparently broke PocketMac. I've had a case open with them for over a week and have tried a variety of fixes. Nothing works. My mac sees my Blackberry 8700 on the usb port, but PocketMac does not recognize it. I've wiped, uninstalled and reinstalled PocketMac, everything they have suggested. I think it's going to take an upgrade to PocketMac to fix things.
    07-06-07 04:35 PM
  3. donbennett's Avatar

    Have you resolved the issue? I am now experiencing the same problem.
    09-03-07 03:29 PM
  4. blackshampoo's Avatar
    My Mac crashed. I replace the hard drive, finally get my MacBook Pro up and running again, and now I can't sync. FYI, Missing Sync has the same issue.
    11-08-07 12:50 PM
  5. katiiegm's Avatar
    Please pardon me if this is a stupid questin. It sounds from this thread that problems have been caused when you upraded ther OS on your Blackberries. PocketMac does not support the new version. With all the talk about an upgrade from Verizon - I am a little cobfused. I bought my BB about two months ago.( 8830 WE from Verizon) In About it says that it is running version 4.2.2148 Platform And PocketMac works just fine for me.

    Are you all suggesting that if Verizon does indeed come out with an upgrade, that it might interfere with PocketMac? Or are you all talking about someting else entirely and I am just too gren to understand?


    11-08-07 03:32 PM