1. chrikenn's Avatar
    I'm trying to set this up so I can wirelessly get my iCal calendar on my BB with 2-way syncing. My only question is this. Right now I have two calendars in iCal: 1) my personal calendar, and 2) the Google calendar.

    When I add an event to my iCal calendar as a Google calendar event, then it syncs to the online web version of my Google calendar. But when I add an event to my iCal as a personal calendar event, it does not sync to the only web version of my Google calendar. Is there any way to get the online Google calendar to sync with both the iCal Google calendar and my iCal personal calendar?

    10-09-09 01:13 PM
  2. dahcar's Avatar
    You could only use the Google calendar for everything. If you wanted two separate calendars, just do two Google calendars and use those through iCal.

    I have three different Google calendars in iCal and it works great. I just personally don't like GoogleSync because of the glitch with multiple-day all day events. Thank God for DM for Mac!
    10-09-09 07:41 PM