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    Mods, Could you please make this thread a sticky? I think it will alleviate duplicate postings.

    PocketMac 4.0.20b (the current version as of this writing) Entourage Plugin does not officially support Entourage 2008. The following steps are a workaround to sync Entourage 2008 with your BlackBerry.

    You must first configure Entourage to work with Mac OS X Sync Services, this will sync your calendar with iCal, and your addresses with Address Book

    To configure Entourage to sync with Sync Services:
    Entourage Menu --> Preferences --> Sync Services --> Check the box to sync with Address Book and .Mac and the box to sync with iCal and .Mac and the box to sync Notes with .Mac

    Now, in PocketMac, uncheck syncing with Entourage and use Address Book and iCal. More information about the Advanced Preferences of these plugins can be found in the PocketMac PDF manual on the downloaded PocketMac disk image.

    Hopefully, a new version of PocketMac will provide direct Entourage 2008 support.
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    Thanks worked almost %100 for me.
    05-30-08 12:03 AM
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    1. On the Entourage menu, click Preferences.
    2. Under General Preferences, click Sync Services.
    3. Do any of the following:
    To synchronize an Address Book, select the Synchronize contacts with Address Book and .Mac check box.
    To synchronize a Calendar and all tasks, select the Synchronize events and tasks with iCal and .Mac check box.
    To synchronize notes, select theSynchronize Entourage Notes with .Mac check boNotes
    Only one identity can use Sync Services at a time. If you want to turn on Sync Services for a new identity, first switch to the identity that is using Sync Services, follow the preceding

    Be sure to select replace sync services items with entourage items or everything in entourage will be lost.
    06-03-08 12:38 PM
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    hello guys and gals, just a question. anyone experienced problems syncing iCal Tasks? It always gets stuck and doesn't wanna move or come up with error. :/ I have to cancel the Sync.

    Another problem is getting data from iCal to Entourage. PocketMac calendar has been created with all items from my BB, but there is another calendar called Entourage which is empty. Obviously I'd like to have all items from calendar PocketMac in Entourage, but I don't seem to be able to do it? :/ Anyone knows way around it?

    Thank you.
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