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    Hey guys,

    I use custom labels on all of my contacts on Address Book.app (OSX, 10.6.2).

    Instead of using "home" or "mobile", I use labels that are more specific. Let's say… if I've got Apple Store as a contact card, then I would use the "labels" to correspond the numbers to each respecting store's physical locations

    I've set up the labels in Address Book this way: Instead of labeling Work 1, Work 2, Mobile 1, Mobile 2, Home 1, Home 2, I replaced them to indicate the location "Yorkdale" or "Eaton Centre" (replacing Work, Home, Mobile, etc.).

    The problem: About 40% of my contacts that I frequently call/SMS are all like that. Now, the problem is, my BlackBerry (9700/ doesn't like the custom labels I applied. It would strip a lot of information. Often not adding any numbers to my contacts whatsoever, however addresses are still sync'ed.

    I suspect BlackBerries do not like custom labels at all. Which makes wonder if this thing really deserves to be called a smartphone. It's just taking custom labels and living with it. Android could do it, iPhone could do it. Why can't the BlackBerries do it too?

    I've tried the solution of using Google Sync, and then Desktop Manager. Nothing would solve my problem.

    Got any clues, guys?
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    I have the same problem and would appreciate some help if anyone has a solution.
    03-21-10 09:31 AM