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    I found something neat tonight that allows one to simply enter a birthday in BB Contacts Birthday field, and have it sync (via Mac DM) to Address Book (make sure you have that field available in Address Book>Preferences>Template), create a recurring Birthday in iCal, AND have as many as 5 alarms, including email. It then syncs back to your BB Calendar. It solves the problem of the Birthday Calendar option in iCal preferences not having alarms.

    You still check "Show Birthdays Calendar" in iCal (that's how your birthday in BB Contacts gets from Address book to iCal) but Date to iCal 2 takes over and adds alarms you have set in the apps preferences. You can then uncheck Birthday Calendar in iCal (or you'll see two entries). Don't sync Birthday Calendar either with Mac DM or you'll get two entries on your BB. Just sync Date to iCal's "Anniversary" calendar, and of course Contacts too. It works with Leopard and Snow Leopard.

    It did some strange things with certain fields on my BB Calendar. They say 16 hours for reminder and no recurrence. But they DO recur the next year and your reminders (email) that you have set in Date to iCal will come to your BB.

    There is a three week demo and it costs 3 pounds, or about 5 bucks. I bought it already.

    Tip: Change the colon to an apostrophe S in Date to iCal 2's preferences so the entry reads John Smith's Birthday instead of John Smith: Birthday.

    Dates to iCal | John Maisey
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    theys. i have always grudged about his issue. apperciate the find and info.
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