1. bsolah's Avatar
    I can sync my Storm with my MacBook via the USB cable but can't seem to sync it via Bluetooth (or connect it via Bluetooth even)
    11-05-09 09:34 PM
  2. murrayj5's Avatar
    Hi bsolah and welcome to CB!

    Currently the Mac DM doesn't allow for BT synch and who knows if it ever will. There is another application (MissingSync I believe) that does the BT synch but believe it's like $40 or so.

    As for connecting (pairing) your mac with phone, follow Statman's directions (posted in the transfer video via bluetooth thread):

    "<snip>...in any case I did have my BB paired with my mac (on your Mac System Preferences>Bluetooth>Add Device) (on your device >Options>Bluetooth >menu >Add Device). When I click on Transfer Address..., it does connect and say it is going to transfer the Address Book (Entourage format...Go figure). But I do not know how to transfer some selected file to the Mac. I do see an option for receiving via BT. <snip>"
    11-05-09 10:20 PM