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    I have been posting this issue on the "Business" group, but not getting anywhere, so over the Mac group.

    I have a 8820 and keep my contacts in NOW Contact on my PowerBook. I loaded the latest (V4.0.20B) PocketMac software and cannot sync my contacts. Every try gets ne an Unexpected Error: DesktopData : : FindMapUsing: no results found. According to my research V 4.0.20b has the fix for this error. I have uninstalled and re-installed the software, deleted the preferences and re-installed and still no success. The really odd thing is when I open PocketMac, it is V 1.0? I have downloaded the V 4.0.20b twice, and did the deletions between and still comes up V 1.0, and still have the Unexpected Error.

    Little help!!!!
    12-12-07 01:51 PM
  2. jsdailey's Avatar
    I believe I understand the error. There is no database on my Blackberry, so there is nothing for PocketMac to sync to? So, is there a database solution that is compatible with NOW Contact for the 8820?
    12-12-07 03:04 PM
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    Yours is only the most recent post to the various user forums around the Internet re: this Now Contact sync failure.

    If you ever find a solution, please let me know (bart@bartsmith.com).

    I am getting ready to dump my otherwise very satisfactory Pearl due to complete frustration over this issue.

    -- bartMV
    12-13-07 01:09 PM
  4. jsdailey's Avatar
    I tried a sync to Entourage, and it worked. I hate using Entourage for anything other than mail, but could try to import the contacts and sync them that way. I did vist NOW's web and they have a solution coming!
    12-14-07 05:17 PM
  5. jsdailey's Avatar
    I got it! Had to export the contacts as a txt, comma delimited, import the contacts into my address book in Entourage, then snyc them to the 8820, but it worked!
    12-17-07 10:32 AM
  6. AppleOrchard's Avatar
    Do the notes transfer over too from Now Contact into the BB (8330)??
    05-12-08 08:50 PM