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    So I have just experienced the inevitable entourage meltdown. I am never using entourage again, I want to move back to a thoroughly mac app system. I need advice on what is best for me, here are the facts:

    Verizon 8830 World edition Blackberry
    Mac Intel 2.0 Laptop running 10.4.11
    All of my data currently synced to Entourage's contacts, email and notes

    I use my blackberry strictly as a calendar, address book and email machine. No extra apps or anything to clutter it. All i want is to:
    -Have an exact copy of all addresses (and categories) on laptop and bberry
    -Have all emails received and sent saved on laptop
    -Have a calendar archive on the laptop that never erases old info

    Someone suggested moving all my info to google and using that to sync to the bberry, is this better than moving to pocket mac with the mac native apps? Am I missing anything? Any other suggestions? I have to be back up and running by tonight, any thoughts appreciated!
    11-10-08 02:53 PM
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    Here's what I've done as I've migrated back from iPhone:

    1. Spanning sync - syncs your ical and address book with gmail calendar and contacts Spanning Sync - Sync iCal and Google Calendar
    2. Google sync for blackberry - syncs your calendar with the Gmail calendar (from your berry browser go to Google
    3. Missing Sync for blackberry - syncs contacts with Blackberry (I've never had good results from Pocketmac - just pay the $30 and get the results you want) The Missing Sync for Mobile Smartphones to Mac OS X and Windows

    4. to have copies of your email on both your laptop and berry, go to Mail, preferences, acccounts, advanced and click remove copy from server after 1 week. That way your server stays cleaned up but you can still download messages into your mail inbox and berry.

    To import from entourage, you should be able to go file, import mailboxes, and the click on the Entourage option and follow the steps.

    Before you sync the berry with missing sync, restart the blackberry by removing the battery and replacing it and restart your mac if possible.

    Good luck
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