1. KGCATCH22's Avatar
    Hello All,

    I remember reading about this problem but could never find a solution. When I installed the 10.5.6 update on my desktop OSX stopped mounting the internal memory of my Storm. The memory card still mounts. The odd thing about it is that my new laptop also 10.5.6 sees the internal memory just fine. Hoping someone else that had this problem might be able to help me out. I tried installing a combo update over the old update but didnt fix it. I was thinking if I tried to delete the update and reinstall i might have some luck but I dont know how to do that either. Any help you could give me would be great. Thanks!

    03-22-09 07:01 PM
  2. xxfire's Avatar
    ya your SOL...

    GO read and search in the Mac Fourms on this site and read all about it...
    No Fix.
    03-22-09 07:02 PM