1. 10-Dee-Q's Avatar
    hi, after i connect my 9700 to my MBP using the DM for mac, in the Memory card now it shows like .spotlight v100, . trashes. and . (filename) every file has the . version even though its cant be viewed and very small in size. you cant see them using the built in bb explorer, but if you use bbfilescout it become so cluttered and im abit anal about my phone, is there anyway i can prevent this to happen ?
    i deleted all the . file but everytime i connect it to my mac it appears again.
    01-13-10 02:03 AM
  2. skwij's Avatar
    Try dragging the items to the Mac trash, then EMPTY the trash. Don't delete from the phone menu itself, drag and drop the items into Trash.
    01-13-10 07:04 AM
  3. gregschraw's Avatar
    I may be wrong but, I don't think deleting them will permanently fix the issue. OSX will probably recreate them the next time the card is mounted/modified. I would recommend turning off "Show hidden files & directories" in bbfilescout's options.
    01-14-10 11:21 AM
  4. Statman's Avatar
    For a normally working SD card, if you trash the contents and empty the trash, the files will be deleted....there is no such thing as the OS recreating the files...Now it is possible that when you "select all" you aren't actually selecting the "hidden" files, so they don't get trashed. You can get freeware programs that show hidden files then select them and drag the contents to the trash and empty.
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    01-14-10 12:47 PM
  5. gregschraw's Avatar
    As I mentioned before, the files WILL continue to be created. These are Spotlight directories that are created every time Spotlight indexes the volume or there is a change to the volume. To completely remove all of the hidden files and stop Spotlight from indexing you need to use Terminal commands which can really mess things up if not done correctly. I still recommend hiding them in bbfilescout's preferences rather than deleting them.
    01-14-10 02:09 PM
  6. Statman's Avatar
    Yes for the spotlight indexing files, with the device connected via usb, go to system preferences>spotlight>privacy tab and add the device to the list of excluded items....
    01-14-10 02:38 PM