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    I've tried to search the forums for an answer, but no luck.. Does anyone have a fix for this?

    Verizon / BIS / Tour / MacMail

    I have a filter setup in BIS, to not send 'junk' which comes into my Gmail account, to my Tour. That works fine.

    The problem is this: If / when I delete a group of those 'junk' emails in MacMail, at that point - they all get delivered to my Tour inbox.

    These junk emails could be a week old, or five minutes old.. if they're collecting in my junk folder and I delete them - - seconds later my blackberry is lighting up with multiple new messages.

    Can anyone help with this?? Thanks in advance...
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    12-15-09 04:37 PM
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    that's bizarre. if no help here you might want to go to the experts on this one - mac forum.
    12-15-09 05:02 PM
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    It sounds like you've got your Trash folder (in MacMail) set to be one of your Gmail folders.

    Gmail doesn't actually have separate folders for trash and drafts etc., it uses labels instead. When you delete something, it just gets labeled as deleted, and moved to the AllMail folder from your inbox. Your tour is probably picking up those messages.

    Try changing your trash folder and see if it fixes it.
    12-15-09 05:21 PM
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    The same exact thing happened to my husband last evening. He has the BB World 8830 and is connected to the BES. He had just deleted a bunch of junk mail messages on his Mac and shortly thereafter he had them all show up on his BB - all 63 of them, all in one big clump. We have Verizon also, but that probably has nothing to do with it. Go figure. It's never happened before.
    12-15-09 06:21 PM
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    Thanks all.

    Arbitrage1 - I'm not certain what you mean by having my Trash folder set to be a Gmail folder.

    To be clear, I don't ever log into Gmail. I really only use MacMail on my desktop(s) for email access.

    By the time the spam is in my MacMail, it's already gone through my BIS filter and has been put into a Spam folder (in MacMail).

    When the emails in this MacMail spam folder collect, and I delete them, they then get delivered to my Tour.

    So - - I follow the idea of Gmail and labels, but I can't trace how my configuration falls into that. Unless it's something that happens by default when setting up an IMAP/Gmail on MacMail.

    Beyond that - I'm not sure how I'd change the trash folder.. Maybe I'm overlooking something completely obvious.. ?
    12-15-09 06:51 PM
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    Here's something: I realize that the 'spam' folder in my MacMail is not on my Mac - it's one of the 'labeled' folders that MacMail creates which reside on the Gmail server for that account.

    So, when I'm deleting the filtered emails which sit in this 'spam' folder, I'm deleting them from the Gmail server - not just on my Mac, in my MacMail.

    But that still doesn't explain why they would be then delivered to my Blackberry upon their deletion. Or does it?? Arrrgh.
    12-15-09 06:56 PM
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    So, when I'm deleting the filtered emails which sit in this 'spam' folder, I'm deleting them from the Gmail server - not just on my Mac, in my MacMail.
    You're on the right track. But you're actually not deleting them. When think you're deleting them, MacMail is moving them to the Trash folder. Try this:

    Within Mail.app's Accounts Preferences, on the Mailbox Behaviors tab:

    Check, "Move deleted messages to the Trash mailbox."

    Then on the advanced tab, what folders do you have set for Sent and for Trash?
    12-15-09 08:00 PM
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    I actually just unchecked the "move deleted messages to Trash mailbox' It's been checked all along and thought maybe that was the culprit...?

    Under Advanced tab - I don't see any options for Sent / Trash.. ?
    12-15-09 08:48 PM