1. Tippi's Avatar
    Problems syncing a Mac Powerbook G4 using pocketmac with a Blackberry Pearl 8110? Heres how I solved the problem!!!!!!

    1. Unistall all previous versions of pocketmac.
    2. Use find function in the finder to locate all references to pocketmac, including all .plist documents. Move all these files to trash and empty trash.
    3. Download the .dmgs of the most resent versions of pocketmac (4.0.20b) and also download driver update. DO NOT INSTALL any of these two at present.
    4. Install pocketmac (4.0.20b), once computer prompts you to restart DO NOT RESTART but quit installation. Next install the driver update and once installation is complete, then RESTART. For some reason, if you restart after installing the pocketmac software, then install the update driver it wont work!

    This worked for me, and saved me $40 as I dont need to buy the missing sync!!!!!!

    Hope it helps!!!
    05-18-08 09:31 AM
  2. shoeler's Avatar
    Where do I download the driver update... I can't find it!
    06-03-08 01:01 AM
  3. Chad Lester's Avatar
    Thanks for this post. I had the same problem when I switched to the Pearl 8110.

    I performed an uninstall, and removed the plist files as suggested and then re-installed the latest version of PocketMac:


    I could not find any "driver updates", but they did not appear to be necessary with this version of PocketMac. After a system restart, everything was working again.

    11-05-08 01:04 PM