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    I have read a lot of posts on this topic. Probably because I have spent weeks trying to get my Aluminum Mac to work with my Curve. I am an avid PC user who recently switched to Mac and the only flaw has been the blackberry. I started with PocketMac but it would hang and never complete. I read through all the support posts but none of the solutions worked for me.

    So I bought Missing Sync and started down that path. That was a nightmare. Their technical support is email only and they take 2 days on average to reply. Not acceptable for a business user who is without Exchange support.

    With Missing Sync, you actually don't directly sync Entourage and BB. You sync THROUGH Address Book and iCal. But no matter how many times I reinstalled, reset sync manager, backedup/reimported files, it never worked consistently.

    So now I am back to PocketMac using what I learned with the headaches of working with Missing Sync.

    The work-around, if you are having trouble with both solutions as I had, is to link Entourage with iCal and Address Book and then sync the blackberry with those applications using PocketMac. That works. The sync timeline seems to be a little slow, but I have a huge contacts list (3,000) and a very packed calendar that goes out all year.

    In order to get started - depending on how many times you've done this and programs you've used - is to uninstall PocketMac and Missingsync if you have either on your Mac. You also need to go into Library/Preferences to remove the missingsync .plist file. Put them in the trash and empty it.

    1. If your entourage is setup - you need to back it up - File/Export - don't create a complete copy but rather separate files. Make one Export that is just your contacts and another that is just your calendar. Feel free to do a complete backup as well if you wish.

    2. Look and see if iCal ad Address book are already synching with Address book. If they are, continue with this step. If you are synchronizing already you have selected it in Entourage/Preferences/Sync Services. Leave that alone. Messing with it will duplicate everything in your calendar.

    If the data in iCal and Address book is accurate, you need to do the following in order. If it isn't, go to step 2. If Address Book and iCal are empty go to step 3.

    1st, Backup iCal to a file. Once you do that, Restore Backup with the file you just created. This seems like a silly thing to do but what you are doing is breaking the synchronization connection between iCal and Entourage and establishing a new one. Then do the same thing in Address Book. Export to a file and then Import the file and let it overwrite your data.

    Reboot your machine.

    Then go to your HD in Finder and Select Applications/iSync - launch the application. Then at the top go to iSync/Preferences. When the "Reset Sync History" button is clickable, click it. It will go grey for 3-5 mins. When it comes back, restart your computer.

    At this point you need to do a soft reboot on your Blackberry. Shut it off and pull the battery for 3 minutes. Then put the battery back in and boot it back up.

    Then go on to step...4

    2. If iCal ad Address book have data in them, but the data is wrong, you need to blow-out one or both Address Book and iCal. Go into Entourage and pick Entourage/Preference/Sync Services and make sure all the boxes are unchecked. Then go into Address book - highlight all and delete it. in iCal, if there are items in there - see if they are properly synched already with Entourage. If they are, cool. If not, you will need to blow them out as well. Best way to do this is to Import the Entourage backup file you created and have it overwrite what is in there. You will have to go through a bunch of confirmation steps.

    3. If you've never used iCal or Address book then go into Entourage and goto Entourage/Preferences/Sync Services and establish a connection between them. Check the boxes and the appropriate drop-downs - Address Book and Calendar (On My Computer). After a couple of minutes the data should populate from Entourage.

    4. Now go and download Pocketmac. Install it but don't open it.

    5. install the driver update.

    6. Now open PocketMac and set it up. Click on the blackberry and setup the connections to Address Book and iCal (Calendar) as opposed to Entourage. The first time you do this you should have a one-way sync from your desktop to your blackberry for a clean sync.

    (If have more accurate contacts on your blackberry than on your Mac, look at the end of this post and I will tell you how to pull them in.)

    The first sync will take a while. But after that it runs pretty smoothly. I am sure there are easier ways to do this, but it works. Missing Sync has been a nightmare for me. But this hybrid approach works. I will caution that sometimes - maybe once every 50 syncs or so - Pocketmac gets hungup and you have to force-quit and restart with it.

    IF ANYONE HAS COMMENTS, FEEDBACK OR ALTERNATIVE APPROACHES I am all ears. This is less than eloquent but again it works. Missing sync just didn't turn out to be the gem it was supposed to be and Pocketsync and Entourage are not such good friends either!

    Oh yeah, if your contacts on your phone are the most up to date, here is what you do...

    1. Establish a blue-tooth connection to your computer. This is just like pairing your headset with your phone.
    2. Go to Manage Connections
    3. BlueToothe Options
    4. Select your computer (after you've established a connection between them)
    5. And select "Transfer Address Book"

    You will have a file come across that you can import into Entourage. I recommend you do this at the very beginning. Get Entourage up to date before you start.

    Good luck.
    01-26-09 04:58 PM
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    I have a Blackberry Curve and use a Mac. I have been using PocketMac to sync the two devices. I have used MS OFFICE 2004 Entourage as my email application with no difficulties ... until.... I was out of the office for a week at a conference. Upon my return, my email will not download new email. I can receive email to my Blackberry fine but not to the computer. What has gone wrong????
    02-27-09 10:07 AM
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    I have storm 2... cannot sync entourage contacts.
    is this solution still relevant?
    01-17-10 10:01 AM